Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OOTD: Goodbye Blues

Well, here's a little update on my life! First, I graduated from college two weeks ago & earned my BA. I had so much fun at graduation & finally being done with college isn't so bad either. And..., I moved from Puerto Rico to Atlanta!!! It's been hard saying goodbye to the place I've called home for my entire life. Plus, it's where most of my family and friends are! I know it's not forever (I promised everyone it would only be for a year), but I'm gonna miss everyone so much, not to mention my beautiful Island. But, I must admit that Atlanta has been a lot more welcoming than I anticipated. I thought it to be very intimidating and that hasn't been the case at all. Everyone here has been so friendly! Not to mention, I live near two huge malls. It's a shopaholics dream!

On my last weekend in Puerto Rico I spent some time with my friends at La Concha Resort. We had lots of fun and took some great OOTD pictures.

First up is the OOTD featuring one of my new favorite tops:

Photography & Editing by Edward Iglesias (www.instagram.com/phoenixoptics)


Jeans: Torrid

Shoes: ZARA

Earrings: Forever21

Watch: Michael Kors

This pastel turquoise peplum top from ASOS is just so pretty (I wish it wouldn't have been so windy but, I can't complain...we had fun!). Plus, it's super comfortable! I can't wait to see what else I can pair it with.

I've included links to the items that are still available online (just click on the item's brand name).

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Until next time!

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