Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Must See: Favorite Audrey Hepburn Movies

During my early teens I (like many others) wasn't really sure of who I was or who I wanted to be, and found inspiration in a very special lady, Audrey Hepburn. What has always captivated me about Audrey is how well rounded she seemed to be. She was elegant, sophisticated, intelligent, talented, & (maybe most important of all) a humanitarian. I think this is why she is so iconic and means so much to so many people. To this day, she is one of the people I idolize the most.

On Sunday, May 4th, Google honored Audrey with a Doodle in celebration of her 85th birthday. That got me thinking about which are my favorite Audrey Hepburn movies of all-time. In an effort to be brief, I choose to share with you my personal top five!

Here we go! (P.S. I've included a link to the trailers of each film. Just click on the movie's title.)

1. Funny Face (1957) - Two words: Fred Astaire! I have to admit that I'm a bit impartial to any movie with this man in it. He is unarguably one of the greatest stars of all time! Fred did it all: act, sing, and dance (and boy could he dance). Funny Face showcases all of Fred Astaire's talents along with Audrey Hepburn's. In this musical Audrey plays Jo, a bookshop employee and amateur philosopher who gets wrapped into a exciting adventure in Paris. This movie is just plain fun. Between the music, choreography, fashion, and scenery you don't have time to get bored. It's absolutely S'Wonderful!

2. Sabrina (1954) - In this romantic comedy Audrey plays Sabrina Fairchild, the chauffeur's daughter, who is madly in love with David, the Larrabee family's youngest son. But, David doesn't even notice Sabrina (yea, like you wouldn't notice someone like Audrey Hepburn...). However, Sabrina undergoes a transformation and becomes an elegant and sophisticated woman. The problem is that David is not the only one who notices, his older brother, Linus (played by the legendary Humphrey Bogart), does as well. This movie is just beautiful! The outfits that Audrey wears are absolutely stunning. So stunning that in 1955 the film won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design. And then of course, the film is full of romance and has some great comedic scene (mostly delivered by William Holden, David). It will sweep you off your feet.

3. Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) - This is undoubtedly one of Audrey's best known films. Here she plays (the oh so iconic) Holly Golightly, an eccentric socialite, who isn't really who she seems to be. Everything starts to change in Holly's life when she meets her neighbor, Paul, and they start to grow fond of each other. In one word, this film is captivating! It has it all: romance, comedy, fashion, and beautiful scenery (it is set in New York's Upper East Side after all). I can almost guarantee that after seeing this film you'll be running out to purchase a little black dress of your own.

4. My Fair Lady (1964) - Yet another great musical! This time around, Audrey portrays a poor flower girl with a strong Cockney accent, Eliza Doolittle. One day, she is recruited by the arrogant and pompous Professor Henry Higgins, played by Rex Harrison (who also played Professor Higgins in the original stage adaptation), so he can conduct an experiment and win a bet. Will he be able teach Eliza to speak properly and pass her off as a duchess at the Embassy Ball?  And in the process, will Professor Higgins fall for the Cockney flower girl? This charming musical is filled with great numbers, beautiful costumes, and magnificent scenery. In 1964 it won eight Academy Awards, including: Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. It's a classic for a reason!

5. Charade (1963) - In this fun romantic comedy/mystery Audrey is the newly widowed, Regina "Reggie" Lampert. Reggie starts to discover that her late husband had some dark secrets. And, consequently she is thrown into a wild adventure alongside a mysterious stranger, Peter, played by the wonderful Cary Grant. This movie has lots of mystery, romance, comedy, and lots and lots of plot twists. It is just so amusing! You'll find yourself at the edge of your seat (along with a development of "trust issues"!).

I honestly have to restrain myself from continuing the list! These are just my personal favorites but, there are so many more great Audrey Hepburn movies out there. Some very honorable mentions are: Roman Holiday (which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1953), War and Peace, and Paris When It Sizzles. Like I said, the list can go on!

Audrey was, and continues to be, the epitome grace and kindness. And that is something that will never be "passé". Here's to a true classic!

What is your favorite Audrey Hepburn film? Let me know down below. Also, if you've enjoyed this post feel free to share it on your favorite social media network!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Until next time!

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