Sunday, March 23, 2014

Worth It: Makeup Brushes (Face)

I don't pretend to be a professional but, through years of trial and error I've learned a little something about makeup… At least I'd like to think I have! Truth be told, the quality of your makeup brushes will determine the way "you look" (your makeup look, that is). What's it worth having an great foundation if you don't have the correct tool to apply it with? Allow your makeup products to meet their potential by investing in the right application tools.

There are three main factors that I look for in good quality makeup brushes:

  • Soft synthetic bristles (I have sensitive skin so this factor is important to avoid irritation)
  • They don't shed
  • They keep their shape (especially after being washed)

That being said, whenever I apply my makeup these are the face brushes that I rely on to do the job:
Note: I haven't included the Beauty Blender (since it's not a actual brush) but, it's the tool I use to apply most of my liquid foundation.

Sigma Large Powder - F30: Last year I bit the bullet and decided to invest in a good brush kit. I chose Sigma's Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit and I've never looked back! This large powder brush is probably my favorite in the kit. It's big and fluffy but, compact at the same time. It provides precise application of powder (so the powder doesn't end up everywhere except your face). In my experience, a good powder brush is the most difficult to find since they're so prone to shedding. And, I'm so glad I found this one!

Sigma Foundation - F60: This tapered foundation brush provides flawless application. This is the only other tool I use to apply foundation besides my Beauty Blender. What I love about it is that it's not stiff like similar brushes. Its flexibility makes foundation easier to blend, ensuring you don't get a streaky application.

Sephora Angled Synthetic Blush - 130: This is a brush that I've had for years and it has never failed me! Originally designed for blush, I find that it actually works best with bronzer. It picks up just the right amount of product and delivers very precise application (great to achieve a chiseled look). It's the only brush I use to contour. 

Sigma Large Angled Contour - F40: I thought this was going to be the brush that would replace my Sephora 130 but, alas it couldn't. Even though it didn't meet my countouring needs, it turned out to be a great blending brush. Once I'm done applying my bronzer and blush I use the F40 to blend-out any harsh lines. It also does a decent job at applying blush. Ultimately, I'm very glad I found another use for this brush. 

Sephora Pro Airbrush - 55: I purchased this brush with the intention of using it as a foundation brush… Long story short, that turned out to be a disaster. However, I refused to believe I had just wasted my money and was determined to give it a new purpose. After playing around with my products, my Airbrush 55 was reborn as a blush brush! And, so far it has a done a wonderful job at applying the appropriate amount of product to my cheeks (I  fully admit guilt to overdoing my blush once or twice).

Clockwise: Sigma F60, Sigma F30, Sephora 130, Sephora Pro 55 / Center: Sigma F40

What are your favorite face brushes? I've included links to the items that are still available online.

This has just been a small peek into my makeup brush collection. I promise an upcoming post with my "worth it" eye makeup brushes! I truly hope this has been helpful in any way, shape or form!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Until next time!

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